Hip Hop Shakespeare: Twelfth Night Resources

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Fun, up-to-date teaching resources for modernising Shakespeare. Multimedia lesson includes video and audio. This activity involves students watching a TED talk by hip-hop artist Akala, who highlights links between Shakespeare and hip-hop. Students answer a few questions about this talk, then watch another video - a fictional rap battle between Shakespeare and Dr Seuss. Students then compose their own rap verse (as Shakespeare) to 'speak back' to Thing One and Thing Two.

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Hip Hop Shakespeare

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CreatedMay 1, 2012
UpdatedOct 13, 2013

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    user avatarDeedada3 years agoReport

    Great! I'm always on the lookout for new ways of breaking in to Shakespeare - I'm looking forward to trying this out with my year 10s. Thanks!

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    Great and enjoyable resource for my Shakespeare students!Thankyou.mariafelicia