Historical enquiry - Transportation to Australia lesson plans

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Two lesson plans and a worksheet to develop historical enquiry with a focus on transportation to Australia. Children will have developed an understanding of the 'Why was William Tuck (aged 8) transported to Australia in 1840?&' enquiry.


  • Victorian.pdf
  • Victorian 2.pdf
  • William_Tuck_Story_Worksheet.pdf

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    user avatarSpirelle5 years agoreport

    Fabulous link. Thank you for including the webpage too. Think I have just found my observation. Thank you

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    user avataranon25846 years agoreport

    Excellent videos, lesson plans and activity to help pupils understand one of the punishments during Victorian times, including sending an 8 year old to Australia.

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    user avatarmyrtle6 years agoreport

    Very useful resource, ideas could be adapted for other projects. Thanks!