HoHow to promote children's early communication skills- A Practitioners' Guide

A practical based online course developed for people working in Early Childhood education. Practitioners will develop increased awareness of the importance of early communication in building a secure foundation for acquisition of literacy skills. The course explores a range of effective strategies that enable children to develop crucial literacy skills. It includes activity workbooks with suggested responses which assists practitioners to check, reflect and explore how they would use acquired skills and knowledge in their practice.

Part 1 consists of three modules:

Module 1:

Why is early communication and language development important?
Module 2:
What are the key communication skills children are expected to have by the end of their first year in school?
Module 3:
A snapshot into how to promote children’s early communication skills
Part 2 consists of three modules:

Module 1:
How to identify when a child has communication difficulties

Module 2:

How to create a language rich environment

Module 3:
Strategies to support children with limited communication skills
Part 3 consists of three modules
Module !
Devise an action plan to address the training needs

Module 2
Identify the range of specific training that your staff needs and how to address them

Module 3
Explore a range of ways that you can empower parents to support their children’s learning effectively



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Created: Sep 14, 2017

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

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