Holiday Traditions: Home, Community & Around the World

Time to celebrate the winter holidays! It is important for students to learn that a TRADITION is a custom, activity, or belief carried on from generation to generation, or repeated over a long period of time. Traditions are important because they represent our culture, allow us to celebrate diversity, and enable us to create lasting memories with our friends, family, and community!

In these activities (best suited for grades 4-8), students will reflect and write about a special holiday tradition in their own family, create a new tradition, and research how people celebrate in other parts of the world! Students will use their thinking, reading, writing, and research skills. If time permits, they can also use their public speaking/presentation skills!

Activities included in this 9-page PDF file:
-“Holiday Traditions: How do YOU Celebrate?” Brainstorm Activity
-Holiday Tradition Essay
-Create-a-Tradition Activity
-Winter Holiday Traditions Around the World Research Activity
*24 topics provided (traditions from around the world)
*Research outline with space for simple citations
*Picture collage page

**Written in American English.

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