How to Teach Romeo and Juliet: For Teachers!

How to Teach Romeo and Juliet. Very detailed PowerPoint on how to approach the teaching of Romeo and Juliet in schools. Shakespeare lesson plans and ideas for all teachers and educators!


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    Breathtaking, at first glance. Deeply inspiring, then. Thank you , Mr Mehmood.

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    Thank you for sharing this resource. Sometimes, we become jaded teaching the same thing over and over again but going through this Power Point has helped rekindle my love for Shakespeare; particularly Romeo and Juliet. Thanks once again.

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    Anaar3 years agoReport

    The question: why we teach before how we teach is most apt and accordingly, the slides take us through a number of issues and areas that could be explored. The reference to modern texts and how issues of love are perceived and interpreted is particularly helpful.

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    karamp4 years agoReport

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    y98401254 years agoReport

    Very detailed Power Point on how to approach the teaching of Romeo and Juliet. I particularly like the suggestions for texts that deal with similar ideas. Thanks for sharing this resource.

Jan 27, 2011
Mar 27, 2014

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