IB Authoritarian States C20th China Entire Course Notes - 43 pages

This forty three-page pack is the incredibly detailed and complete set of notes I have written for my students. It is basically an entire course on Twentieth Century in one pack! Suitable for G.C.S.E, AP, A Level, and I.B. students. Notes are broken down into the following sections:

  • What were the causes and events of the revolution?
  • How was China ruled after the revolution?
  • How significant was the May 4th movement?
  • Why did Mao triumph?
  • What changes did Mao make to the economy?
  • What was life like in China under Mao?
  • How successful were Deng’s reforms?
  • Why were people killed on June 4?

I am confident you will love this resource because there is nothing on the Internet which I have found which offers the same level of breadth and detail on this topic.

Your students will find the notes supremely useful and they will help them achieve examination success.

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