Independent Personal Pronouns
In this lesson, we see the forms of all the independent personal pronouns: I, You.... (By 'independent,' we mean that these pronouns stand apart as individual words, usually as the subject of a sentence.) As always we look in the text. One example we see here is Genesis 4:4 that begins with both Cain's and Able&'s offerings: וְהֶבֶל הֵבִיא גַם־הוּא מִבְּכֹרוֹת צֹאנוֹ וּמֵֽחֶלְבֵהֶן וַיִּשַׁע יְהוָה אֶל־הֶבֶל וְאֶל־מִנְחָתֽוֹ׃ And Abel, for his part, brought the choicest of the firstlings of his flock. The LORD paid heed to Abel and his offering.


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