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Most resources I develop are geared towards GCSE 2016-18 (AQA and Edexcel) curriculum and are practical solutions to classroom teaching. I keep most of these black and white for simple/cost-effective print. I read each novel/play/poem and break down into manageable parts. I find this most effective within classrooms where students require chunks of information they can order, in sequence. The 'study-packs' I create can apply to any book/play/poem and provide visual tools for memory recall.

pptx, 4.48 MB
pptx, 4.48 MB
This is a multi-page PP presentation detailing stages of the life of a writer - spanning 20+ years.
I used this today (June 2016) with top set Year 10 class who are exploring figurative language and devising pieces of their own. The PP generated discussion relating to the realities of being a writer; levels of dedication and stamina required; insight into working with an illustrator; journalism as a career; questions to student relating to them developing their own work.
Inspiring? Perhaps.
Real? Yes.
An insight that can be then linked to any author of work? Most certainly.
Throughout 27 years I have been involved in writing lyrics, poetry, novels, illustrated works.
This resource generated classroom discussion with many of the students responding with their own thoughts and a fantastic level of appreciation for literature in general.
This is Premium Resource Number 100.



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