Interior and Exterior Angles of Polygons

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These 2 tutorials and 2 worksheets can be used to develop formulae that connect the number of sides, interior angle and exterior angle of a regular polygon the sum of interior and exterior angles in any polygon.

  • 1. Interior and Exterior Angles in Regular Polygons.pptx
  • 2. Int and Ex of Polygons.pptx
  • Calculating Exterior and interior angles.doc
  • Polygon Angles.docx
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1. Interior and Exterior Angles in Regular Polygons

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2. Int and Ex of Polygons

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Calculating Exterior and interior angles

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Polygon Angles

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CreatedNov 27, 2014
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    I will use this to support my sessions. Thank you.

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    Helpful. Neatly presented. Am using the material to supplement the maths lessons I am giving to my 10 year-old grandson.

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    Thank you

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    Very helpful extension tasks thank you

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    Great thanks!

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