Introduction to Shakespeare: Powerpoint Lesson!

Group task to introduce students to Shakespeare, Elizabethan England and theatre etc. They complete a fact find using the information supplied in packs. Great if you give a time limit at each table so they are against the clock.


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    Ce12vvma month agoReport

    Absolutely lovely. Lovely

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    Adonna3 months agoReport

    This resource allowed me to introduce Shakespeare with energy and excitement to my Grade 9 students. Each slide gave me the space to share my knowledge and students to share their inquiries. They can't wait to continue. I am really happy that I chose to download this lesson. Thanks.

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    nagra3 months agoReport

    Very helpful

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    mallowsweet7 months agoReport

    Appreciate this package.

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    ems1297 months agoReport

    This is really awesome. Thanks so much! The kids will love it.