IRISH MUSIC Project 3 Hours of Content

Ideal for Year 7 to 9, and an excellent choice for Saint Patrick’s Day, this project is fully resourced with enough activities for up to 3 hours of fun-packed, exciting, quality learning.

This project deals first with characteristics of Irish Music, and then moves onto Irish instruments. Listening and written tasks are incorporated, here. There is then a focus on the Dorian mode, and a couple of further written notation activities. The main task follows, which is a 4-part Jig composed by myself: Bodhran (rhythm) part; Chord part for either keyboard/ piano or guitar (chord grids provided); 2 melody/ countermelody parts. Students are taken through the learning of each part, and then set to task on a group performance. Extension tasks explore the addition of a drone and/ or Irish ornamentation (taps, cuts, and rolls). Finally, students assess themselves against the 10-point success criteria on the PowerPoint and evaluate their achievement.

In this download pack, you will receive:

1 x Starter Word Search introducing key words associated with Irish Music (Literacy)
1 x 11-page worksheet with 10 separate tasks covering the whole range of listening, theory, and performing skills, plus contextual and historical knowledge of Ireland.
1 x 3-minute annotated video demonstrating the 4 main characteristics of Irish Music with plenty of incidental learning embedded.
1 x 22-Slide PowerPoint which is beautifully presented and animated with Objectives, every single task ‘chunked’ for easy content delivery, Answers, extension tasks, and much more.
1 x Main task focusing on group performance in the form of an Irish Jig (composed by myself)
27 x MP3 files modelling the individual parts, the main task and extension tasks.
1 x Potato Famine fact sheet, focusing on the responsibility of government in crisis situations, and specifically the British government’s role in the deaths of so many Irish. (PSHCE)
1 x Crossword for homework to recap key words relating to Irish Music (Numeracy)

I am extremely proud of all my resources and I endeavour to publish work of only the highest quality - you get what you pay for. I greatly value feedback, suggestions, and enquiries from all of my colleague-customers around the world, and I invite you to contact me by email at should you wish to ask me anything about my work. Many thanks for considering this resource.

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  • Irish-Music-Project---Starter-Word-Search-and-Crossword-Homework.pdf
  • Irish-Music-Project---Worksheet.pdf
  • Irish-Music-Project---Video-Support-Intro.mp4
  • 1.-Bodhran-Audio.mp3
  • 2.-Tin-Whistle-Audio.mp3
  • 3.-Celtic-Harp-Audio.mp3
  • 4.-Uilleann-Pipes-Audio.mp3
  • 5.-Tap-Ornament.mp3
  • 6.-Cut-Ornament.mp3
  • 7.-Roll-Ornament.mp3
  • PJS0-S10-Standard-Demo.mp3
  • PJS1-S11-Quavers.mp3
  • PJS2-S11-Lilt-1.mp3
  • PJS3-S11-Lilt-2.mp3
  • PJS4-S12-Bodhran-A.mp3
  • PJS5-S12-Bodhran-B.mp3
  • PJS6-S13-Chords-A.mp3
  • PJS7-S13-Chords-B.mp3
  • PJS8-S13-Chords-A1.mp3
  • PJS9-S14-Fiddle-Melody-A.mp3
  • PJS10-S14-Flute-Melody-A.mp3
  • PJS11-S15-Fiddle-Countermelody-B.mp3
  • PJS12-S15-Flute-Countermelody-B.mp3
  • PJS13-S15-Flute-and-Fiddle-B.mp3
  • PJS14-S16-Fiddle-Melody-A1.mp3
  • PJS15-S16-Flute-Countermelody-A1.mp3
  • PJS16-S16-Flute-and-Fiddle-A1.mp3
  • PJS17-S18-Drone-A.mp3
  • PJS18-S18-Drone-B.mp3
  • PJS19-S18-Drone-A1.mp3
  • PJS20-S21-Extension-Demo.mp3
  • Irish-Music-Project---Teacher-Guidance-Notes.pdf
  • Note-Ruler.png
  • Irish-Music-Project---PowerPoint-Teaching-Support.pptx

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