Island Royale - A colourful, fun and printable board game and quiz suitable for all years

Island Royale is an adventure themed board game and quiz suitable for students of all ages and abilities.

This resource includes all the high resolution files required to print and play the board game, including .jpg, .png, .ppt and .pdf versions of all the boards and tokens.

1-6 players parachute in to one of four themed zones on the board and take it in turns rolling dice and navigating the play area. The board is populated with item cards, health points, dangerous traps and question points to keep the game exciting.

Suitable for any curriculum, this set comes with printable blank question cards - students must answer questions correctly to stay in the game. Create yourself a set of cards (by hand or by filling in the template) to tax your learners in any curriculum area.

Three wrong answers and a player is out of the game!

Additionally, the set includes a board-wide hazard card that comes into play after a set number of rounds, upping the excitement. Players must navigate the board, outrunning the deadly lightning zone, which moves clock-wise around the board and eliminates players caught in its radius.

This resource includes

  • A printable game board (A3)
  • A printable set of question cards (blank templates, editable templates, A5)
  • A printable set of item cards (32 Unique items, blank card templates and editable templates, A5)
  • A printable rule-set sheet
  • A printable quick-glance rule-set sheet
  • A printable hazard spinner
  • A printable hazard zone (A5)
  • Printable player tokens (Six colours)
  • Printable player life-hearts
  • Printable player health trackers

Best printed on high quality card, this game is quick to set up and play (just requires a set of dice), the game board favours question cards, so students will be taxing their subject knowledge the entire time. This game is tried and tested and loved by students of all ages.

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  • Island-Royale---Player-Icons.PNG
  • Island-Royale---Question-Cards-Back.PNG
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  • Island-Royale---Printable-PDF.pdf

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Created: Dec 14, 2018

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

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