There are all the characters from the story: Jack, his mum, the cow, the beans, the kind man, the giant, the giant’s wife, the golden egg laying hen, the bag of gold coins, the harp and a beanstalk (i know there are lots of variations). Each picture is duplicated and the duplicate is flipped so that when you print them out, you can laminate them back to back so it id double sided. Then just attach a craft lolly stick or something to it so it becomes a hand help puppet for chn to recreate the story. Hope they are useful :) Other topics covered: Stories.


  • beans_puppet.doc
  • beanstalk_puppet.doc
  • cow_puppet.doc
  • giant_puppet.doc
  • giant's_wife_puppet.doc
  • _coins_puppet.doc
  • jack_puppet.doc
  • jack's_mum_puppet.doc
  • kind_man_puppet.doc

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19 Reviews

  • 5

    Just what I was looking for. Thank you

  • 5
    user avatarVikki244 years agoreport

    Just what I needed thank you! Will use this with SEN year 3 group. We have also made a punch and judy theatre (from previous literacy work) so they can put on a show! thanks

  • 5
    user avatarHVT4 years agoreport

    Fantastic Resource! Using these to retell the story in French, exactly what I was looking for the kids will love them Thank you!

  • 5
    user avatartwinkles284 years agoreport

    Brilliant resource. The children are going to love these. I love the reversibility too. Big THANKS!