Journalist Desk - Goat Rescue

A TESiboard ( ) activity to create a newspaper-style report, suitable for journalistic writing units in upper KS2 (and extending into lower KS3). Using this resource, pupils can write, edit and lay out a complete report, selecting information and photographs to include from the editor's in-box, camera, notes and reference books. There are 6 different news stories to cover in this series. Please see the How To guide before using. The Synopsis gives some possible approaches and summarises the story for teachers. (Transcripts of video interviews are also attached.)


4 Reviews

  • Zsidik3 years agoReport

    What a brillliant resource! Im looking forward to use it for my year 6 student as a revision of jounalistic writing. Thank you very much for this contribution!

  • Jan_Webb4 years agoReport

    An amazing tool for engaging learners with digital writing frames - beautifully set out and providing lots of opportunities for higher level thinking skills to be applied!

  • GreatEcc5 years agoReport

    My class loved the goat rescue report. Can't wait to try the others out.

  • rileym5 years agoReport

    This is absolutely brilliant! Video, text, images, the lot! And so easy to use. Will pass on to my colleagues.