Jury Nullification ~ Criminal Law ~ Presentation ~ Flash Cards ~ Test ~ 69 Slides
This product has three parts.
1. A complete presentation of Jury Nullification. Many case examples are used to explain the concept.
2. A flash card review of the presentation.
3. A 20 point multiple choice test with answer key about the program.

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Prohibition was passed in 1920 under the 18th Amendment due to the efforts by social activists (such as the Women’s Christian Temperance Union) who were convinced that all harm coming to women and children would cease with the elimination of alcohol. Such ills did not cease, however.

The states passed laws to enforce prohibition as required by the 18th amendment. The reason Prohibition fared so badly was because the law was so unpopular that it was eviscerated at this enforcement level.

Jury nullification was one of the ways of attacking enforcement. Juries were unwilling to convict their peers for violations which seemed insufficiently criminal to merit punishment. So they acquitted.The individual states were doing their part too. They either refused to enforce it or they cut off funds for enforcing it.

As one newsman put it, “It was absolutely impossible to get a drink in Detroit unless you walked at least ten feet and told the busy bartender what you wanted in a voice loud enough for him to hear you above the uproar.”

In 1933, Congress ratified the 21st Amendment, which repealed Prohibition.
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