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Key Stage 1, Year 2 English Spelling and Phonics Pack (Worksheets & Flashcards)

This is a comprehensive 660+ page English worksheet, spelling list, and color flashcard pack including material for all of the 30 recommended spelling rules and 390+ recommended words in the KS1, Year 2 English curriculum. It is also suitable for U.S. grades 1-3 and other language learners.

  1. Each of the 30 worksheet packs contains a variety of progressively-more-difficult activities, two spelling lists, and an answer key. They allow you to target particular skills for individual students and provide differentiated learning opportunities.
  • Page 1 - tracing, copying, coloring, and sound identification.
  • Page 2 - word unscramble, rhyme words, and picture/ word matching.
  • Page 3 - find the correct spellings, gap-fill, and sentence writing.
  • Page 4 - revising example words and similar sounding words, story/ poem writing.
  • Page 5 - identifying the pictures (without the words being listed).
  • Page 6 - identifying the pictures (with the words listed).
  • Page 7 - matching the words and International Phonetic Alphabet spellings to the pictures.
  • Page 8 - spelling list.
  • Page 9 - spelling list with IPA spellings.
  • An answer key.
  1. Each of the 30 flashcard packs are provided in two formats: 2 -to-a-page (double-sided) and 6-to-a-page (double-sided). Each format consists of one front card (a large image) and ten options for the rear card. The rear flashcards are different combinations of:
  • an image
  • the spelling
  • the word written in lower case, upper case, cursive, and pre-cursive
  • the I.P.A. spelling
  • a ‘sounds like’ spelling
  • the spelling rule it is an example of

This pack covers the following spelling rules:

  • J sound spelled DGE as in badge (dʒ)
  • J sound spelled GE as in age (dʒ)
  • J sound spelled G as in giant (dʒ)
  • J sound spelled J as in jam (dʒ)
  • S sound spelled C as in city (s)
  • N sound spelled GN / KN as in gnat and knee (n)
  • R sound spelled WR as in wrap ®
  • LE endings as in apple (əl)
  • EL endings as in camel (əl)
  • AL endings as in final (əl)
  • IL endings as in evil (əl or ɪl)
  • AI sound spelled Y as in cry (ʌɪ)
  • Y to IES endings as in babies (iz)
  • Y to IED / IER / IEST endings as in copied (id)
  • Drop E before endings as in making
  • Double last letter before endings as in dropped
  • OR sound spelled A before L or LL as in all (ɔː)
  • UH sound spelled O as in dove (ʌ)
  • EE sound spelled EY as in key (i)
  • O sound spelled A after W or Qu as in swap (ɒ)
  • ER sound spelled OR after W as in word (əː)
  • OR sound spelled AR after W as in swarm (ɔː)
  • ‘ZH’ sound spelled S as in treasure (ʒ)
  • No change before endings as in helpful
  • Y to I before endings as in angrier
  • Contractions as in don’t
  • Possessive apostrophes as in Ravi’s
  • TION endings as in caption (ʃən)
  • Homophones as in be and bee
  • Common Exception Words

U.S. and U.K. English versions are included.

This product is a zip file containing pdfs. You will need zip extraction software, a pdf reader, and a printer.

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