Key Stage 3 (KS3) Computing - Scheme Of Work

This is a topic based approach to Computing at KS3 that provides a balanced and fun curriculum incorporating the DfE 2014 KS3 curriculum outline for Computing.


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  • This is a very good scheme of work on paper. However do feel some of the topics are done over a too short a time period. Also - perhapssome work on Gimp or Photoshop and perhaps some HTML/CSS would be a good idea? Not all kids like to code and some really enjoy the graphics side. It would make the Art Department very happy! I like the Green Screen/animation softwartware - but my school would not pay for this - do you know of any alternatives?

  • westey3 years agoReport

    This is very helpful and I will definitely be influenced by this for my own planning. Thank you for sharing!

  • Thank you so much for this resource - really proves school can impliment the new spec as of sept 2014

  • Good mix of ICT and Computer Science activities. We have been using stop go animation and scratch for some time. Both will add the academic rigour as well as the fun and enjoyment that you are looking for. Many of your ideas tie in to what we are trying to build at our school. With stop go we used movie maker and it works very well.

  • Some excellent ideas and a nice vision. I agree with changing the name from ICT to something more relevant and will put this to our head.