Key Stage 3 Maths: Worksheet with investigation.

An investigation using volume, surface area... to explore whether giants really can exist! Makes good display work too!


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  • vnicolosia year agoReport

    This is a really logical resource that puts the understanding of volume and area into an exciting context. Would I like to be a giant? I remember Record Breakers with Norris and Roy, old school, thank-you Mr. Slack.

  • jglr3 years agoReport

  • nebthenoob3 years agoReport

    Great resource - puts length, area and volume enlargements into a context which will be interesting for the kids. Thanks.

  • Great idea - thank you

  • This is a really interesting investigation which gets students to think about weight, volume and ratio in order to determine whether some statements about giants are accurate. There are references to films which would really engage students and the investigation itself requires students to work with multi-link. Thank you for sharing.