KS1 Year 2 literacy Enchanted Woods topic. IWB Lesson starters and writing activities.

This is my main IWB smartboard resource that I used to sequence my literacy lessons together during an 'Enchanted Woods' topic. I read the story to my class whilst I was using this resource and they produced some of their most imaginitive writing to date.

I have included 2 IWB resources:
Main Enchanted Woods- many lesson starters and plenary activities (28 pages)

- Developing and describing enchanted story settings
- Writing postcards from the settings
- Story planning (magic objects, characters, settings and plots)
- Writing a structured beginning, middle and end of story.
- Writing a blurb for the books.
- Writing a diary entry from the enchanted woods.
- Writing a blurb for their own enchanted stories.

It also contains a 'Instructional Writing' IWB resource to help children design their own enchanted creature trap, make their trap and write instructions to use their trap.

I have included a few writing templates and success criteria strips that I used during the lessons also. This resource will definitely set you off to a great start in an Enchanted Stories type of topic, KS1 or lower KS2. Enjoy!


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