This lesson helps students to understand the production, transport and consumption of food around the world, using chocolate as an example. Students start by finding out about cocoa, what it looks like and where it’s farmed.


  • Chocolate and fairtrade (Primary) - Activity Sheets.doc
  • Chocolate and fairtrade (Primary) - Activity Sheets.pdf
  • Chocolate and fairtrade (Primary) - Lesson Plan.doc
  • Chocolate and fairtrade (Primary) - Lesson Plan.pdf

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17 Reviews

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    user avataroconnoam8 months agoreport

    Brilliant activity to do with my computer-mad 8-year old, to help him start thinking about where his food comes from

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    Thank you - link for work on chocolate, Maya civilisation, Willy Wonka and citizenship!

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    user avataryaseena3 years agoreport

    great link with ICT thanks

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    user avatarEliza_C3 years agoreport

    Just what I was looking for! Thanks for sharing