KS2 simple co-ordinates grid

A blank simple co-ordinates map of an island for use in class. I then made some with 'dangers' on the island that the children had to locate. For HA the dangers stretched over more than one square so all co-ordinates needed to be read. Took me a while to do so thought it might save people some time!


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  • hera1a month agoReport

    Thank you for sharing this and saving me time :-) x

  • This will help with my lesson in the morning. Thank you!!

  • kbrepia year agoReport

    Fantastic, saved a lot of time and great for my LA boys.

  • Great - saved me loads of time. Thankyou

  • apple34 years agoReport

    Brill, thanks for sharing, the template will be so useful with my class tomorrow,.