A series of Powerpoint lessons and activites on Plate Tectonics including: the structure of the Earth; Shield and Composite volcanoes, A case study of Montserrat; how earthquakes occur and investigating the effects of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Students will find out how the magnitude of an earthquake is measured using the Richter scale. Students will discover how homes can made safer in earthquake zones.


  • 1.-Structure-of-the-Earth.pptx
  • 2.-Plate-Tectonics.pptx
  • 3.-Volcanoes.pptx
  • 4.-Montserrat.pptx
  • 5.-Earthquakes.pptx
  • 6.-Tsunami.pptx
  • 7.-Earthquake-Safe-Building.pptx

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    Absolutely outstanding. Very helpful for my SEN group.

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    Thank you for sharing.Excellent resource .

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    Super package thank you

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    Thank you for sharing .Being just a language teacher I couldn't have created such great ppts for my students.Very informative simple language for non native speakers.Brilliant work.