KS3 revision of 'particles'

This is a circus of experiments that require a little preparation but can be used by pretty much any KS3 level class - althought the questions at the end are Level 7. The Student Answer sheets can be printed as an A5 booklet and the students fill it in as they go round the experiments - in no specific order. The back of the booklet also shows the students the kind of answers expected to acheive level 5,6 or 7. I have included pictures that can be used for two of the ‘experiments’. I have also included a list of requirements for technicians to prepare. The topic is mainly particles but also links to sound, density, diffusion, changing of state, and probably a few other topics! For the more able - or homework - there are also some level 7 SAT questions at the back of the students booklet. Labels are included for identifying the experiments.


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    thankyou for sharing, this is brilliiant

  • pand5 years agoReport

    I love this. I like the attention to detail: including practical labels and an equipment list really saves time for people using your resource. Thank you!

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    Adds fun to lessons. What a great resourse and a useful link to the diver kit. Thanks I will certainly use it.

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    Excellent , thank you. Great, stimulating practical problem solvers. Thanks for sharing