KS4 Academic Writing: AQA Moon on the Tides

These 7 lessons aim to support the creation of a more academic style of analytical writing from students. The lessons use the AQA Literature poetry anthology, 'Moon on the Tides' ('Character and Voice') as a focus.

Keywords: Verbs, Analysis, Analytical writing, Essay writing, Academic writing, Modal verbs, Modifiers, Nominalisation, Noun phrases


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  • HollyBD7 months agoReport

    Thank you so much - this is fantastic for my top set and will ensure they are being challenged all the time.

  • dinkyloua year agoReport

    A fantastic set of resources that will be of great benefit to my triple GCSE group. A very big thank you.

  • khall73 years agoReport

    Conprehensive and very help for EAL pupils - thanks!

  • slsbarnes3 years agoReport

    No stone left unturned- a very aspirational set of resources-Thank you!