Lab - The Effect of Pectinase on the Production of Apple Juice (Enzyme Function)

You get the student lab, a teacher’s guide, and a post-lab quiz. This lab was designed for the biochemistry (organic chemistry) chapter in a high school Biology class, but it could be used in a middle school Life Science course as well. Take a look at the preview to see if it’s right for your students. These key terms and concepts are covered:
• enzymes
• substrates
• catalysts
• organic compounds
• polysaccharides
• proteins
• reaction rates
• denaturation

This is a FUN one! It’s safe, we always get great results and students get to use a variety of lab equipment, such as:
• balance
• beakers
• funnels
• graduated cylinders
• pipettes
• stirring rods
• stopwatch or timer

And, they get to practice these lab procedures:
• measuring mass
• measuring volume
• timing an experiment
• recording data
• graphing results
• performing calculations

And, if you use the included Extension Ideas, students will:
• design and carry out their own experiment
• write a formal lab report

Each lab from Science Island follows an outline that will help students answer the problem using a systematic and organized manner:

• Problem
• Introduction
• Pre-Lab activity and questions
• Procedure
• Data and Observations
• Analysis and Conclusion

A Teacher’s Guide provides you with lots of helpful information such as tips and suggestions, materials list per class (6 groups), pectinase sources and costs, sample calculations, and answers to all the questions.

Consumables you will need to purchase per lab group: 80 g of unsweetened applesauce and 0.5 mL of pectinase. Pectinase is available from Carolina Biological and on Amazon in both liquid and powder form. Links to these purchase options are included in the product.

Happy Teaching,
Carla Brooks
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