League of Nations Strengths & Weaknesses

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This exercise is designed to introduce students to the strengths &weaknesses of the structure, membership and powers of the LON. It is also designed to reinforce essay planning techniques. It is fairly straightforward. It starts off as a card sort of strengths and weaknesses. Students then have to categorise into the 3 areas, add an explanation to the description. It can be done as ICT or paper exercise. Assertions for the paragraphs and a conclusion can be added also to extend into total essay plan.

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CreatedNov 16, 2007
UpdatedJan 20, 2015

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    user avatarcsolo4 years agoReport

    Great worksheet. Makes students go out and study/revise the answers themselves. Thanks Anna

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    user avatarNualaRoger5 years agoReport

    Excellent exam prep, thanks

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    user avatardhartley255 years agoReport

    A step by step guide to writing a balanced essay on the League of Nations.