League of Nations Study Guide and Assessment Booklet
This study guide and assessment for learning resource looks at 'Why did the League of Nations fail. In the study guide it contains all the key information that students need to know for their exams along with tasks and activities to test their progress. It is suitable for students of all abilities and includes both differentiated activities such as heads and tails, as well as graphic organisers and thinking skills activities.

The second section include Oxford and Cambridge exam board past paper questions, pupil mark schemes and question guides. These could be easily adapted for other exam boards. The study guide itself is worth its weight in gold so this is an outstanding resource at a bargain price and should keep a class going for half a Semester on 3 hours a week.

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The resource addresses the following aims: To what extent was the League a success 1919 - 1936.

It addresses the following questions:
 What were the aims of the League?
 How successful was the League in the 1920s?
 How far did weaknesses in the League’s organisation make failure inevitable?
 How far did the Depression make the work of the League more difficult?
 Why did the League fail over Manchuria and Abyssinia

It is set out in the following way:

Revision Notes Pages

1. Aims and organisation 3 - 6

2. Strengths & weaknesses of the organisation 7 - 8

3. The work of the League of Nations during the 1920s 9 – 11

4. Japanese invasion of Manchuria 12 - 15

5. Italian invasion of Abyssinia 16 - 20

6. Compare & contrast table of the 1920s & 30s 21

7. Why did the League of Nations fail in the 1930s 22 - 23

Past Paper Questions Sections A & B
1. Cartoon questions on the League of Nations 24 – 30

2. Describe, Explain & Evaluate Questions 31 – 37

3. Mark scheme and advice for cartoon question [7] 38

4. Mark scheme and hints for tackling explain question [8] 39

5. Mark scheme and hints for tackling describe question [4] 40

6. Mark scheme and hints for tackling explain question [6] 40

7. Mark scheme and hints for tackling evaluation question [10] 41
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