Level 5 Maths Investigation (Number)

This is an APP based investigation for Maths. The title is 'Bringing the criminals to justice: Burgulary' and is about a man robbing a bank with a banana and makes off with money. It's up to the students to prove a suspect is guilty whilst answering questions based on the APP Level 5 - Using and applying and Number. This is highly adaptable so that you can cut/add bits in and reference is made to each MA1 and MA2 point. In other words, take a look! As always, please comment and rate, and any complaints and suggestions are welcomed.


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    Brilliant resource. Thank you.
    Used for G and T group - who really enjoyed using reasoning to justify their answers.
    Fitted perfectly into the teaching of C.S.I (Common Sense Investigators)
    Thank you

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    user avatarForty Hill2 years agoReport

    Just returning from Jury service my class will love this!

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    user avatarDrummy3 years agoReport

    Thanks. Going to use with a bright Y5 group. Hope my maths is up to it!

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    Looks fantastic. Will be trying it out soon. Will let you know how we got on. Cheers.

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    user avatarHeid3 years agoReport

    An awesome activity! Can't wait to try it out.....thanks so much

Jan 25, 2012
Jul 8, 2014

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