LGBT assembly, tackling homophobic bullying

I created this assembly (could also be used as a lesson) to tackle homophobic bullying in our school. It re-educated pupils about what it means to be LGBT, the history of LGBT since 1967 when homosexuality was decriminalised, the use of the word ‘gay’ today and other homophobic language, statistics about LGBT students and bullying, impacts of bullying on the victim etc and includes clips and resources from the Stonewall campaign. It includes a page about how sexuality is only one part of a person’s identity.

There is a script accompanying each slide for you to read out.

I would estimate that this would last around 30 minutes without discussion. If used as a classroom teaching resource it could easily last a full lesson.

I got really good feedback from this from leadership, teachers and pupils…I hope you enjoy it - please do leave a review if you have time!

There is one page you will have to edit to give details of your own local LGBT/ bullying services.



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