Magnets Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt With Tiered Student Response Templates
Use the “Magnets Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt With Tiered Student Response Templates” to engage students the beginning of a magnets unit, as a mid-point review of vocabulary, or as a culminating activity!

The “Magnets Scavenger Hunt” contains 12 vocabulary cards and three different student response templates. Choose the response template that best meets the learning needs of your students!

Vocabulary Words

The vocabulary words included in the scavenger hunt are: appearance, attract, bar magnet, compass, disc magnet, horseshoe magnet, magnet, magnetism, poles, pull, push, and repel.

Vocabulary Cards

There are three different sets of vocabulary scavenger cards. Choose the set that best matches the learning needs of your students. The first set of cards contains the vocabulary words and the definitions. These cards are for students who struggle with learning new vocabulary, have English as a second language, or are on individual program plans. These cards provide support for students as they contain both the word and the definition. All three student response templates can be used with these cards.

The second set of cards only has the vocabulary words printed on them. These cards match well with the second student response template.

The third set of cards has the definitions printed on them. These cards match well with the third student response template.

Cut apart the vocabulary cards and post them throughout the classroom. I like to make 8 of the cards fairly easy to find and then make the last four cards more challenging to discover.

The vocabulary cards are provided in colour and in black and white.

Scavenger Hunt Student Response Templates

There are three different student response templates provided for you to use with your students. The first template contains the 12 vocabulary words with a box under each word. Students search for a definition card and then write the number of the card under the correct vocabulary word. This template is for students who struggle with writing output.

The second template includes a grid with the different definitions. Students search for a card. When they find a card, they decide which of the words match the definition and then print the word in that box.

The third template includes the vocabulary words with space for students to write the correct definition. Students find a definition card, decide what vocabulary word it matches, and then they write the definition in the space provided.

Grades 1 to 3

Answer Keys are included.

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