Maths APP Level 2 and 3

I have put together all the Level 2 Maths statements for Ma1-4 all on the same page and I have done the same for Level 3. I am currently doing teacher assessments for Y2 SATs and have been finding the official assessment guidelines a nightmare - either too brief and mainly irrelevant (eg, levels 1-8) or detailed and spread out over 6 pages. This was in quite scrunched up but doing the job a whole lot better, especially as most of my class are within level 2 and 3. I dont have the detailed descriptions for Level 1otherwise i would have done that too. Let me know if they are any good for you!


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    user avatarAnuabia year agoReport

    Very useful.....

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    user avatarash_dhanda2 years agoReport

    love this thank you - helped sort my head out for the week.

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    user avatarchloem152 years agoReport

    really helpful thanks.

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    user avatarLori12 years agoReport

    Thanks for taking the time to do and then share.

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    Thanks for sharing, do you have any level 2 or level 3 assessment like practice papers which we could give to the year 2 children?

May 23, 2009
May 31, 2014