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Tuesdays lesson-Christmas Fractions

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CreatedDec 3, 2011
UpdatedDec 17, 2014

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    user avatarHelayna3 months agoReport

    This is realy great thanks

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    user avatarajjabarina year agoReport

    I gave it one star not 4 1/2!!

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    user avatarclementse2 years agoReport

    Not sure how you do a fractions of something with unsymmetrical holly and star on the top or a bow that is not centred..... Nor do I see how the first sheet is equivalent fractions until you get to two quarters of the tree. Nice idea, but shapes must be symmetrical - with one or two lines of symmetry depending on what fraction you want. Also if putting up as a shared resource, the instructions would be better not to mention names, and only be written once.

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    user avatarlorettaa2 years agoReport

    Thank you, saved me a lot of time!


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