Maths Display - Properties Board

A maths properties board with a number of different open maths questions. Colourful and also useful for extension work. Either print it and enlarge the size on copier so that it can go on the wall and children can go over to it and add answers ... or... put into back of children's book so they can answer questions if they finish certain tasks. Hope it&'s useful xx :)


10 Reviews

  • kkay11a year agoReport

    THANKS for this, I really love it-editable for level of challenge and re-useable for an interactive maths display area. Brilliant.

  • MzB2 years agoReport

    Great ideas.

  • missmjb2 years agoReport

    great for my working wall! Thanks!

  • mobie3 years agoReport

    Great!!! Thankyou.