Maths Framework Planning Year 1 Block A Unit 3

Maths planning for Year 1 Block A Unit 3 using a Space topic Worksheet for 1 more/less


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  • I am teaching my first numeracy lessons on next week, you've saved me a lot of stress and helped me focus my ideas - thank you!

  • richare5 years agoReport

    Hi, these plans are fantastic, I just wondered whether you could tell me about the space shop please. My email address is Thanks :)

  • snitch6 years agoReport

    thank you. thank you for sharing. really clear planning :)

  • thank you. This has been so helpful and saved me a huge amount of time - thank you

  • Heartfelt thanks. Having gone from Y6 to Y1 over the Easter break, your plans have been the bouyancy aid needed. So much time saved.