Maths Murder Mystery

Adapted and newly created PowerPoints and gapped handouts, plus cards for the Maths Murder Mystery originally created by The Bedfordshire Leading in Learning Group


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    user avatarlanj3 years agoReport

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    Good idea, needs tweaking a bit, but otherwise great. thanks. just one thing: normal body temperature is not 38 degrees and one shouldn't leave that in there.

  • 4 I have ammended this lesson and added an extension that changes the killer.

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    A good problem solving puzzle but a bit frustrating that there seems to be no definitive answer. The extra clues added below are very helpful though - thanks! For my class I amended the information slightly so that Suspect Village is 3 miles from the castle and Malcolm Strange's tractor speed is in kmph rather than mph. Hopefully I've done my sums right (not a Maths teacher!) but this should leave Charlotte Deadworthy as the main suspect.

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    Love it! Looking forward to using it tomorrow with my class - the extra clues are all you need to find the solution I think...