Maths World Cup PowerPoint Quiz

EDIT: I tried this out today and I would suggest that you allow the children about 2 minutes for each question at least. My G&T year 4s only got 4 questions right out of 12! Answers uploaded too - sorry for delay! A picture-board style quiz aimed at gifted and talented year 4 chidlren, (so would work for year 5 and 6 too,) with 12 football/world cup based maths questions. The presentation is set up so you just have to click on each numbered football to get to the corresponding question. Go back to the number board by clicking the football on each question slide.


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  • Miss R3 years agoReport

    Excellent - Thank you for sharing this.

  • Any answers?. Good quiz but would like the answers please!

  • L.Gibson6 years agoReport

    Lynz. Again, great, but do you have the answers at all? Thanks

  • Answers?. It looks great but are there any answers?

  • jklmn6 years agoReport

    answers help. great powerpoint as i know nothing about football but what are the answers?