Measuring in cm

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This PowerPoint is designed to help children with their measuring. On each slide there is a picture of a pencil and a picture of a ruler. The ruler picture is meant to look like the stripy ones that you often get in Primary schools! Children have to work out how many cm long the pencil is by looking at where it comes up to on the ruler. When I used this I reminded children of how we need to put the ruler at the start of the pencil etc in order for it to be fair. Hope it is useful to someone. ------ By the way in response to the comment about how there are no 0s on the rulers- this is because we don't have 0s on these kinds of rulers in school! (The starting number is 1 which is why I made the powerpoint like this- it is what the children are used to).

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CreatedMay 29, 2008
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