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milkshake cafe set

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CreatedJul 19, 2011
UpdatedFeb 14, 2014

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    user avatartangotango3 years agoReport

    This is a perfect resource for my maths focus next half term. I would encourage anyone to download it and heres what I intend to do with it...I will set up a cafe and invite children to choose more than one flavour milkshake- each flavour costing a certain amount. In this way ch will be using addition and money. I can set up giving change and having a set amount to spend and it can be set up in a year one room without taking up too much space. I can see how this resource can be laminated and amounts changed to suit a range of numerical values for high flyers and ch consolidating prior learning. Thank you so much.

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    user avatarmarkedout4 years agoReport

    Just what I need, thanks a million!

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    Thanks for sharing they must have taken you ages.