Misconceptions in Maths

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How to diagnose, clear and prevent them with a Counting Frame. Make your own counting frame at a cost of £ 1.50 from an old cd case, elastic string and pony beads. Some children's trouble with 'rounding' might stem from trying to count jumps on a number track or a 100 square: On a number line, the middle between 0 and 10 is exactly 5. On a number track, the five is to the left of the middle. That makes it difficult to see the reason behind rounding.

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CreatedOct 7, 2007
UpdatedFeb 14, 2012

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    An interesting read, will be interesting to implement some ideas in class.

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    user avatarbillson5 years agoReport

    This looks really interesting, I am going to try it with some of my least able children, thank you.