Some handouts for Unit 3 of OCR Applied Science


  • Blood Cell Counts.docx
  • Blood Pressure and physical activity.docx
  • Blood Tests, ELISA.docx
  • Blood Tests.docx
  • Blood.docx
  • Blood_pressure_changes_in_the_left_side_of_the_heart_during_one_cardiac_cycle.docx
  • Breathing measurements.docx
  • CT or CAT Scans.docx
  • diabetes matrix.docx
  • Diabetes.docx
  • Electrocardiogram.docx
  • How is Heart Rate Affected by Nervous and Hormonal inputs.docx
  • Gas Exchange.docx
  • Lungs, tubes and muscles work.docx
  • Lungs, tubes and muscles.docx
  • Measuring Body Temperature.docx
  • MRI Scanners.docx
  • respiration.docx
  • risk assessment step fitness test - completed.docx

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    Is this everything on monitoring the human body that we would need to know for a exam? Also would it be relevant to this years AS exam?

    • user avatarmisterhutsonReply from Authora year ago

      This and the handouts on my other resource: monitoring the activity of the human body 2

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    user avatarwillisha year agoreport

    Brill, thanks

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    Thank you sooo much. I really appreciate your time and efforts into making the document. they will definitely help me pass my exams.

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    user avatarFRJones3 years agoreport

    Thanks!! xx

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