Multiplication Anchors Set G: 1 to 9 Multipliers
Looking for a way to build your students’ multiplication math fluency skills with 1 to 9 multipliers? Use this set of 26 math anchors!

I have used these math anchor cards for many years. Students build math fluency by practicing their math facts.

Multiplication Anchors Set G: 1 to 9 Multipliers is a part of the Multiplication and Division Math Anchors and Basic Facts Bundle: Math Anchors. Check out these products if you want more than one set of math anchors!

Answer keys are provided.

Uses of Math Anchors
These math anchors can be used to create an anchor booklet that students can complete in their spare time or they can be incorporated into a math center.

Anchor Booklets
Simply attach the cover and you have an activity booklet that students can work on whenever they have spare time in their day. Students can work through the booklet at their own pace. If students require manipulatives to help them answer the math questions, provide bingo chips, cube-a-links, or similar objects for them to use to determine the answers.

Math Center Activity
Copy the math anchors onto white card stock or mount them on colored bristol board or card stock.

Provide students with a recording template that matches their instructional need. There are four different templates included in this package. The first template requires students to simply print their name, the name of the math anchor they are working on, and the answers to the ten questions. The second template has room for the students to print each question and its corresponding answer. Students who require an extra challenge could use the third or fourth template. The third template requires students to write the corresponding math fact to each question. The fourth template encourages students to write the four math facts found in the math family of each question.

Examples of completed templates are included in this package.

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