Music Decor - SWEET SHOPPE - Ukulele Posters D TUNING

Looking for a way to spruce up your room this year? Look no further! The SWEET SHOPPE collection is for you! This music decor set provides you with ukulele chord chart posters to accompany your ukulele unit.

Note: These are for UKULELE D TUNING!

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Included in this File (Download the preview for a closer look at each!):

  • Chord Charts for the following chords: D7, D, Dm, E7, E, Em, F, F#m, Gbm, F#7, Gb7, G, Gm, G7, G#, Ab, G#m, Abm, A7, A, Am, B, B7, Bm, Cm, C, C#m, Dbm, C#, Db, C#7, Db7, and open strings
  • All the chords above in each color combination in this theme (see preview).
  • All the chords above in landscape and portrait.
  • All in portrait and landscape.
  • All with and without ice cream on the poster
  • All with and without ukulele on the poster.

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Note You are purchasing a document that links to a file in the cloud because of file size restrictions. Please email me at with any problems. It is a very large file so please be patient as it downloads.

Musically Yours,
Shelley Tomich
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