Music - Level 3 Keyboard Performance. The Teletubbies, The Simpsons and EastEnders and more!

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Performing a simple melody with the right hand only on a keyboard. Worksheet 1) A great resource that encourages students to play the keyboard and feel a sense of achievement. From experience, the students really like to play 'The Simpsons' and they tend to play this one first. I encourage the students to play EastEnders first as it is a good introduction to playing a scale of C major - then I let them play The Simpsons as a 'reward' (hee hee) Worksheet 2) A worksheet to support 'understanding graphic scores' a well known tune based on the Rugrats. The circles = short notes / The lines = longer notes. For extra work students can add the third meaning that they will start with the notes C and E - this works throughout the song. Students that are competent in using their left hand can add a bass line consisting of C, F and G. Worksheet 3) The Crazy Frog and The Simpsons worksheet using non-standard notation. * IF YOU DOWNLOAD ANY OF THESE RESOURCES PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK*

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CreatedJun 19, 2008
UpdatedOct 11, 2013

36 Reviews

  • 4
    user avatartopsy2a year agoReport

    First two sheets are especially helpful, well done

  • 5
    user avatarelliebeach3 years agoReport

    Fabulous resources for my lower ability ks3.

  • 4
    user avatarmpower8504 years agoReport

    Many many thanks - looks great I will try this with Y5/6 as we are goping to do TV theme tumes. Liz:)

  • 4
    user avatarleggetth4 years agoReport

    Really useful for introducing year 7 to graphic score and the keyboard!

  • 4
    user avatarKelzabelle4 years agoReport

    Wonderful way to introduce music notation and pitch without the confusion of the stave but still showing highs and lows.

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