Musical Four Corners, Half Note Rhythm Game (Stick & Standard Bundle)
Musical 4 Corners is an interactive PowerPoint Music Game that's great for reinforcing half note rhythms! This bundle contains 2 versions of the game, one in standard notation and one in Kodaly stick notation.
There are also LOTS of slides so the game can be played for 5 minutes or 20.

A favorite indoor recess game at my school is "4 Corners."
I've modified the game so that each corner is a rhythm.
The students walk to a corner before the clip is played. Then they listen to the audio file, and if it matches their corner, they are out.

You, the teacher, or a student who is "it" can also just sing one of the melodies on the slide. There is also a timer sound file between each slide with a ticking clock sound.
This is a great way for students to practice audiation, rhythmic memory, and reading!

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