Nazi Anti-Semitic Propaganda

This lesson goes over the methods of propaganda used by the Nazi's against the Jews. Students look at the Hitler Youth, films and posters.


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  • Dawnie86a year agoReport

    Looks great - thank you. To echo some of the other comments, is there anyway you could upload the excerpts from 'A Boy in Your Situation'? Thank you!

  • Please could you provide the excerpt from 'A Boy in Your Situation'? This lesson looks fab and I would love to use it in it's full extent. Thank you

  • This is a great resource. Would it be possible to have the extracts from 'A Boy in Your Situation' too?

  • mblan4 years agoReport

    The muslim focus in the starter may need to be considered carefully with use with some classes, it should cwertainly provoke debate!