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I am a secondary school & A-level Science teacher, specialising in Biology. I am also an experienced AQA GCSE Biology Examiner. My resources contain a mix of Biology, Chemistry and Physics lessons aimed at meeting specification points for the new AQA Trilogy GCSE course and KS3 Activate course. All of my lessons include at least one opportunity for self-assessment, a range of activities to suit students of all abilities, a set of differentiated starter questions and a plenary.

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This is a lesson designed to meet specification points for the new Biology Trilogy 'Bioenergetics' scheme of work.

The lesson begins by focusing on the location of the main organs in the plant, students are then asked to match the name of the organs to their function. Once this work is self-assessed pupils will watch a video which will outline some of the adaptations a plant has that enables it to carry out photosynthesis.

Pupils are then introduced to the major tissues in the leaf of a plant and are given some information on the location, structure and function of these tissues. Using this information pupils are required to complete a worksheet labelling a cross-section of a leaf. Once finished, pupils can use the mark scheme within the PowerPoint presentation to check their work.

Students are then asked to consider why plants and the process of photosynthesis is so important. They are reminded of the fact that plants are needed to harness sunlight energy and synthesise organic molecules like glucose which not provides energy to the plant but to all organisms further up the food chain.

The final activity is a past-paper question worksheet that pupils should complete in silence, once finished they can either self-assess or peer-assess using the mark scheme provided.

The plenary is for students to summarise what they have learnt in the lesson by writing 3 facts, 2 key words and posing 1 question to their peers.

All resources are found at the end of the PowerPoint presentation. Thank you for purchasing :)

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