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I am a secondary school & A-level Science teacher, specialising in Biology. I am also an experienced AQA GCSE Biology Examiner. My resources contain a mix of Biology, Chemistry and Physics lessons aimed at meeting specification points for the new AQA Trilogy GCSE course and KS3 Activate course. All of my lessons include at least one opportunity for self-assessment, a range of activities to suit students of all abilities, a set of differentiated starter questions and a plenary.

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This is a lesson designed to meet specification points for the new AQA Trilogy GCSE Biology ‘Bioenergetics’ scheme of work.

The lesson begins by pupils being introduced to the term ‘photosynthesis’ and then being asked to consider the raw materials that plants need in order for photosynthesis to occur. Pupils are then given three minutes to write down everything they have learnt about photosynthesis so far, with an extension task to write the word equation for the reaction.

In the next part of the lesson pupils are introduced to the word equations and are challenged to write a balanced symbol equation for this reaction.

Mid-lesson plenary involves a set of exam-questions (total marks = 9 marks) which they can complete in silence and then peer or self-assess using the mark scheme provided.

Pupils are then introduced to the concept of endothermic and exothermic reactions, they are given the definition for an endothermic reaction and are then asked to ‘think, pair, share’ with a partner about what an exothermic reaction might be and whether photosynthesis is endothermic or exothermic. After 5 minutes, pupils are given the answers and they can mark their work.

The final activity is for pupils to watch a video on the scientific investigation conducted by Van Helmont, pupils watch the video and answer questions on a worksheet which can then be self or peer-assessed using red pens.

Pupils can choose their plenary activity - either writing quiz questions on the topic of the lesson or summarising what they learnt by writing a twitter message along with #keywords.

All resources are included in the PowerPoint presentation, thank you for purchasing :)




2 years ago

Don't waste your time or money. Not worth a penny. Certainly not 5 starts. No content. rambles on about exothermic and endothermic reactions! I am sooo disappointed! I wan't my money back!!


3 years ago

simple and straight forward for my middle to lower ability class.


3 years ago

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