Please feel free to download and adapt these SoW for the new Edexcel GCSE (Sept 09). The "TSL" column is an internal thing at my school and can be edited etc. I have done a dated week-by-week timetable. Hope these help. I'm still in the process of polishing them up but they are fine in this good-as-dammit version.


  • Edexcel NEW French Foundation SoW.doc
  • Edexcel NEW French Higher SOW.doc
  • Edexcel NEW Timescale - French.doc
  • Edexcel NEW German Foundation SoW.doc
  • Edexcel NEW German Higher SoW.doc
  • Edexcel NEW Timescale - German.doc
  • Edexcel NEW Spanish Foundation SoW.doc
  • Edexcel NEW Spanish Higher SoW.doc
  • Edexcel NEW Timescale - Spanish.doc

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