North-East England Art Organisations, Galleries and Places of Interest

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A directory or North-East England Art organisations, galleries and places of Interest I have probably missed a number of fantastic places please add any others as comments so I can update this resource. Some of these are suitable for students others are aimed at art professionals/ artist-teachers.

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CreatedOct 19, 2008
UpdatedOct 28, 2010

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    user avatarLisarti6 years agoReport

    Very useful, many thanks for uploadin this resource!

  • user avatarUsername8 years agoReport

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  • user avatarUsername8 years agoReport

    It is helpful. I thank you for the list of locations that have topics on art. I shall certainly use this if I am ever in the North Eastern English area or if I ever get the chance to perform an international field trip with my fellow students.

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