Nuremberg Trial ~ International Law ~  Nazis ~ Goering + Eichmann  Mengle = 44 Slides
This is a complete presentation on Nuremberg Trial International Criminal Law which is highly visual and thoroughly annotated. Eichmann's later trial in Israel is also covered plus finding Mengle drowned. There are also 20 multiple choice questions with answer key.

* prosecutors and defense attorneys were used
* no jury
* decisions and sentences were imposed by a tribunal (panel of judges)
* chief prosecutor was Robert H. Jackson an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.
* each Allied power supplied a main judge and an alternate.
* technological innovation of instantaneous translation by IBM solved the language barrier problem (4 different languages among all involved).
* IBM provided the technology and recruited employees of international telephone exchanges.
* IBM provided on-the-spot translations through headphones in English, French, German and Russian .

EXCERPT: DEFENDANTS (bullet points)
* Nazi defendants were allowed to choose their own lawyers
* most used defense: the crimes defined in the London Charter were ex post facto laws (laws existed after crimes were committed)
* next most used defense: trial was victor’s justice–the winners (Allies) were applying a harsh standard to crimes committed by Germans while minimizing crimes committed by Allied soldiers.


* The defense put Goering on the witness stand. Goering’s attitude was that of an unrepentant Nazi.
* He reviewed his distinguished military service during the First World War.
* He recalled his fateful meeting with Hitler in 1922.
* Goering recalled his bond with Hitler was based on their opposition to the Versailles Treaty.
* He gave the theory and practice of Nazism at length.
* “I had done everything possible to strengthen the National Socialist movement, to increase it, and have worked unceasingly to bring it to power under all circumstances and as the one and only authority..."
* He said he was responsible for the planning and execution of Germany's aggressions up to the invasion of the Soviet Union. That he opposed.
* He admitted the punishments imposed on German Jews after the Nazi looting of property owned by Jews during Kristallnacht in 1938.
* He denied knowledge of and responsibility for the systematic extermination of the Jews in Nazi concentration camps.
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